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The African Network Information Center (AFRINIC), the Regional Registry for Internet Number Resources serving the African Internet Community, provides statistics on IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and on AS numbers, both regionally and by country.


This joint industry committee produces the Estudio General de Medios (EGM), the most comprehensive media measurement operation in Spain. This survey covers all media consumption, including the Internet. Though the complete results of the study are only available to member of the organization, summary results are published three times a year, and include internet penetration with basic socio-demographic variables.


This popular source, a subsidiary of Amazon, provides upon registration rankings of websites (global or by country) based on number of unique visitors and page views. For each site, the following information is available for free: ranking, audience geographical distribution, bounce rate, time on site, daily page views, referrers, owner information, and audience demographics. Besides the fact that it gathers information generated by users of Alexa’s toolbar, not much is known about the methodology Alexa uses to produce these figures

Algeria: Autorité de Régulation de la Poste et des Télécommunications (Regulation Authority of Post and Telecommunication)

The Telecom Authority of Algeria posts many statistics about the number of broadband and mobile subscribers in Algeria and the number of subscribers for each of the three main broadband and mobile services. The authority also publishes annual reviews that provide qualitative and quantitative information on the nature of that year's internet service.