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This company collects information on the most visited sites by country. Quancast offers (often only for clients) profiles of the audience of specific websites, including number of unique browsers and users, visits, page views, demographics (only US), audience’s interests, visit frequency, and traffic sources.

Sam Knows

Sam Knows measures broadband quality: download speed, upload speed, latency, packet loss.  It has worked with the FCC on the Measuring Broadband America initiative, and with other regulators across the world: UK’s Ofcom, the European Comission, Brazil’s Anatel, and Singapore’s IDA. The reports can be found here and data from the US and UK can downloaded here.

Similar Web

This source provides rankings of websites and applications across the world and across different categories. It also offers detailed profiles of specific websites: number of visits, engagement, geographic distribution of users, traffic sources, etc. The data seems to be a combination of panel and ISP information.