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PINGER (Ping end-to-end Reporting)

PingER (Ping End-to-end Reporting) is an Internet End-to-end Performance Measurement (IEPM) project, led by SLAC at Stanford University, to monitor performance of Internet links. In recent years it has been more focused on measuring the Digital Divide from an Internet Performance viewpoint. The project now involves measurements to over 700 sites in over 160 countries. It has a section on case studies, the latest being from Nepal, Syria, and Sudan.


The Open State Foundation founded Politwoops in the Netherlands in 2010 to track deleted tweets from politicians in the European Union. Politwoops US launched in 2012.


This company collects information on the most visited sites by country. Quancast offers (often only for clients) profiles of the audience of specific websites, including number of unique browsers and users, visits, page views, demographics (only US), audience’s interests, visit frequency, and traffic sources.