social media

WIP (World Internet Project)

This project was founded by the USC Annenberg School Center for the Digital Future in 1999, and it has published five comparative reports (in the last one, 2013, the countries compared were Cyprus, Mexico, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, and the US) on issues such as Internet use and non-use, information seeking behavior, access to online services, the internet and social connections, politics and the internet, media use, reliability and importance, user generated content, online entertainment and communication, and on


This consulting firm based in Guatemala has published since 2011 survey-based annual reports on the use of social networks in Central America (available upon registration).

AMO (Arab Media Outlook)

Sponsored by Dubai’s Press Club, AMO claims to be “the most comprehensive and authentic source of data on the media sector in the Arab world”. It publishes periodic reports--which can be accesed upon registration--on the media in the Arab world, including the Internet and digital media, with country by country data.

The Cocktail Analysis

This consulting/research company has been publishing since 2008 reports, based on weighted online surveys, on the state of social networks in Spain (Observatorio de Redes sociales) plus additional reports on the consumption of audiovisual material online, and the state of e-commerce and of online payment systems.