The Net Data Directory collects and shares information on different sources of data about the Internet. For more about the project, see our about page. To get started, use the search box below, or check out our quick start guide.


This source provides weekly data on websites performance and offers a series of indexes, by industry and by country or region, with information on response time, response rate, and outages. It also produces the Internet Health Report, a real time view of the performance (latency, availability, packet loss) of major US Tier 1 backbones.


This project of the Berkman Center collects and analyzes complaints about online activity, with a focus on take-down notices.

Media Cloud

This joint project of the Berkman Center at Harvard and the Center for Civic Media at MIT collects and stores the content of thousands of online news sources and allows to analysis and exploration by users with tools such as the Media Meter dashboard and focus, the Attention Plotter, and the Controversy Mapper. In addition, it has published a series of papers based in its tools.