The Net Data Directory collects and shares information on different sources of data about the Internet. For more about the project, see our about page. To get started, use the search box below, or check out our quick start guide.


This website monitors since 2011 online censorship in China, checking for URLs and keywords blocked. The list of items checked is partly built through data from Autoproxy, China Digital Times, and Herdict. There is no public information on who is behind this site.


Herdict, a project of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, uses a crowdsourcing approach to detect internet filtering and blockage, including denial of service attacks. Herdict aggregates data to offer a real time map of Internet health that allows for visualizations by country, URL, and date.


This website ranks webhosting companies by size on a weekly basis. It claims to cover every hosting company with more than 100 clients.


IBOPE is a Brazilian company, with presence across Latin America, specialized in audience measurement and media research. Though most of its data is only accessible to clients, its Media Book provides information on Internet penetration, access, and activities over most Latin American countries.


This consulting firm based in Guatemala has published since 2011 survey-based annual reports on the use of social networks in Central America (available upon registration).